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Recomposer generates an invoice each month. The invoice is based on the total number of Client Accounts that were activated during the month, multiplied by the total number of days each of those accounts were in the ‘active’ state.

All past and current invoices can be viewed on your Company’s ‘profile’ page by pressing the ‘invoices’ button (at the bottom-middle of the page). The breakdown of which clients were charged, and for how many days each, is available by selecting the invoice in the widget area.


Billing Month

The billing month starts from the original date of the creation of the Company/Coach account, until approximately 2am (GMT +10) on the same day of the following month.


Active Days Calculation

Recomposer calculates the number of ‘active days’ to charge in an invoice by:

  1. counting the number of days of the billing month that each Client Account had an ‘active’ status (ie the ‘active days’ of each client)
  2. adding up the total number of ‘active days’ for all the clients (ie the ‘total active days’

For example, 4 Client Accounts that had an ‘active’ status for 10 days each during the month, would result in an invoice based on 40 ‘active days’ (ie 4 clients x 10 active days = 40 active days).


Charge Rates

Recomposer is charged per ‘active day’* according to the following schedule*:

  1. up to 300 ‘active days’*: 45c (USD)
  2. 301-1000: 41c
  3. 1001-2000: 37c
  4. 2001-3000: 33c
  5. 3001-4000: 29c
  6. 4001+ : 25c

* all charges in USD

* An ‘active day’ is counted for each day that each Client Account has an ‘activated’ status. It is not the number of days the Client happens to be physically active in the gym, or actively entering data into Recomposer


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