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exclusive. elite.

Recomposer was created exclusively for specialist body recomposition coaches. It is uncompromisingly focussed on prescribing sports-nutrition and power-bodybuilding for body recomposition. So it is completely unsuitable for general fitness trainers or weight loss consultants.

To be granted a Recomposer Coach Account, Coaches need to prove that they are appropriately insured, certified, competent and experienced. Clients benefit by knowing Recomposer is only used by Coaches who are verified to be among the best available.

free unless sold

there are no charges for opening a recomposer coach account for qualified coaches. basic use training is also free. fees are only charged for commercial use (i.e. managing active diets & training programs for clients).

evidence needed


send us a copy of your valid strength-coaching insurance certificate

insurance requirements

We require a (digital) copy of a professional indemnity insurance certificate that specifically covers the programming and coaching of heavy weight training to both athletes and non-athletes (ie NOT a ‘general fitness’ insurance policy). The insurance certificate must also:

  1. be currently valid,
  2. specify your name as being an insured party under the policy, and is
  3. underwritten by a legitimate and reputable insurer.

We also require any supporting documentation required to validate the professional indemnity insurance. Depending upon the insurance policy, this may include:

  • current professional association membership/registration
  • professional certification(s)/qualification(s)
  • current first aid certificate(s)


send us videos or competition records of your squat, bench & deadlift

strength requirements

We require evidence of above-average competence and capability with the 3 foundational strength exercises: free-barbell squat, bench press and deadlift.

You will need to demonstrate that you are capable of executing the squat, bench press and deadlift:

  1. using technique that meets IPF powerlifting competition rules, and
  2. can achieve calculated-1RM performances that, when added together, total at least:
    1. 6x bodyweight for men
    2. 5x bodyweight for women

This evidence can be in the form of:

  • published powerlifting competition results (in a meet sanctioned by an internationally affiliated powerlifting organisation)
  • video files


send us evidence of your 2+ year coaching experience

experience requirements

We require evidence of that coaching (or programming) clients for body recomposition (ie intense weight training for bodybuilding) has been your primary, full-time career for a minimum of 2 years.

For most coaches, your public social media accounts will provide ample evidence of the period during which bodybuilding and/or weight training coaching has been the focus of your professional life. If this evidence is not available then other evidence will need to be provided.

how to apply

Recomposer Coach account application is an informal process. Please click the button below to contact us and explain your coaching business, your ability to meet the requirements and your interest in Recomposer. We are more than happy to answer your questions and make sure the fit is right before proceeding further.