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The progress table (on the body page, widget area) shows a full summary of every aspect of a Client’s body composition tests, diet changes, strength tests and training progress and volume.

body section

The body section displays the body composition measurements taken on the date of the Progress record:

  • weight – bodyweight kg or lb
  • fat % – body fat percentage
  • lean – lean mass kg/lb
  • fat – fat mass kg/lb
  • skinfolds – the 3 skinfold measures (for the 3 site test); the sum of mm for the 7 and 9 site test; or the device type used if not a skinfold test.
tap or roll-over the ‘skinfold’ value to view the details of every skinfold measurement in the test.

diet section

The diet section summarises the nutrition prescribed (on the diet page) FROM the date of the Progress record.

  • calories
  • pcf% – the ratio of protein : carbohydrate : fat calories
  • compliance – the subjective measure of how well the prescribed diet was adhered to
  • alcohol – the total number of serves of alcohol consumed during the period (up to 3+)
The diet indicated on the Progress record is the diet that started after the date of the record. It is not the diet that led to the body composition result (if body composition measurements are on the same record).
Every diet change causes the creation of a new Progress record. Diet change records will contain no body or strength data unless a body composition test is performed on the same day.

strength section

The strength section shows the latest Strength Test results OR the calculated maximal squat, bench press and deadlift strength based on the change in lean mass since the last Strength Test.

Strength Tests cause the creation of a Progress record. Strength Test records will contain no body or strength data unless a body composition test is performed on the same day.
Calculated Strength values (based on lean-mass (ie muscle mass) change) are indicated with an asterisk.

training section

The training section summarises the critical performance data recorded on the Training page; including the critical performances, training frequency and volume, in the time since the previous progress record:

  • squat – the best calculated max achieved on the barbell squat
  • bench – the best calculated max achieved on the barbell bench press
  • dead – the best calculated max achieved on the deadlift
  • days/wk – the average number of workouts per week
  • sets/w.o – the average number of work sets recorded in each workout
  • pb’s/wo – the average number of Personal Best (PB) performances achieved per workout
The values in the Training section apply to the period from the Progress record date, to the previous progress record date.


The notes recorded with the body composition test.

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