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‘PB’ stands for ‘Personal Best’. In Recomposer, your ‘Personal Best’ is the best ‘calculated max‘ you have managed to record in your training.

Recomposer considers the primary goal of your training to be to increase your PB’s (ie to make strength progress), particularly on the major (heavy compound) exercises.

How the PB is Used

All weights recommended in Recomposer programs are based on your Personal Best (PB) performance for each exercise.

When you ‘beat’ your PB (ie save a set in which the calculated max exceeds your PB), Recomposer will update your PB and adjust all recommended weights for the rest of your program.

To help quickly assess your rate of progress, Recomposer displays the total number of PB’s you achieve at the top of each workout, next to the date the workout was completed.

Where You Can Find Your PB

Your PB for each exercise is displayed above the list of sets for an exercise on mobile devices, or to the left of the exercise name on large-screen devices (see screenshots below).


pb on mobile pb on desktop

Additional Info

Your PB can be manually overwritten by your Coach, or if you have permission. See the article on editing PB’s

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