entering body composition tests

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Body composition tests are entered on the Client’s Body page. Press the ‘+ body test’ button to enter a new body composition test.

Saving a body composition test updates the ‘current’ body graph and adds a record to the ‘progress’ table.

entering body composition tests

The body composition test form is headed by 4 ‘tabs’ for 4 different test options:

  1. 3-site skinfold test (using the average (mean) of the Siri and Brozek equations)
  2. 7-site skinfold test (using the Jackson Pollock equation)
  3. 9-site skinfold test (using the Parillo equation designed specifically for competitive bodybuilders)
  4. direct input of bodyfat percentage from any other test method (with options for: DEXA, InBody, underwater weighing, Skulpt, bioelectric impedance device, BodPod, deuterium test or ‘other’)
different body composition test methods, devices and/or testers cannot be compared or used interchangeably to measure body composition change. stick to the same method.

test measurements

The measurements required for body composition are:

  • bodyweight in kilograms (or pounds if setup for pounds)
  • skinfold measurements in millimeters
  • OR bodyfat percentage from other bodyfat measurement device

The most recent test result measurements are displayed beneath the measurement field

compliance & alcohol

The dietary compliance field is a subjective measure of how precisely and consistently the prescribed diet was adhered to, since the previous body composition test. It is not¬†referring to subjectively “good eating”; it is measuring compliance with the prescribed diet.

The alcohol field measures the total number of serves of alcohol consumed since the previous body composition test. The maximum value accepted is 3+.


The notes field is to record details about factors that may influence the body composition test and/or training performances, since the previous test. These may include such factors as sleep quality, emotional or psychological stress, dietary deviations, physical illness or injury etc. It can be beneficial to also record when all factors are stable/good so, to help give context to the nominal body, diet and training values.

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