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The Assessment Interview refers to a series of optional questions on the Client Info page. These are general questions that can reasonably be asked to Clients before performing any physical assessment, Strength Test or prescribing a training program and/or diet.

Assessment Interview questions are optional, but highly recommended to be asked before any client engages in the intense training and sports nutrition that Recomposer was designed for. Making these records demonstrates a basic duty of care was provided to the client before undertaking the program.


The Assessment Interview questions are divided into 5 broad categories:

  • health
  • injuries
  • diet history
  • body history
  • training

The questions for each category appear in the widget area on the right of the page (or overlaid on small-screen devices). The categories are selected via the buttons across the bottom of the Client Info page.

health questions

  1. health conditions/considerations – does the Client have any significant health issues (that might affect diet, training and/or body composition?)
  2. medications – is the Client on any medications (that might affect diet, training and/or body composition?)
  3. food allergies or aversions – any foods the client should not include in their diet
  4. signed disclosure form – if you have a disclosure form, waiver or similar, record that it was completed here
  5. notes – any other health-related comments

injury questions

  1. current injuries/insufficiencies Рdoes the client have any existing injuries or physical limitations (that might affect diet, training and/or body composition?)
  2. old injuries – any longstanding injuries (that could potentially be aggravated by intense physical training)
  3. physical limitations – any other physical limitations not covered by the previous 2 questions
  4. other sports/activities – other physical activities that could impact – or be impacted by – intense weight training and diet
  5. notes – any other injury-related comments

diet history

  1. meal 1 to 7 (time and content) – ask the client to step through their normal daily schedule, meal by meal.
  2. cheats/snacks – any additional ‘junk’ food eaten in addition to the normal daily diet
  3. alcohol – the amount and frequency of alcohol consumption
  4. under/overeater – when the client eats a meal, do they tend to eat especially large or tiny quantities?
  5. notes – any other diet related comments

body history

  1. years training – the number of years of weight training experience
  2. formal instruction – how much professional coaching has the client had and to what level?
  3. best/worst condition – what is the closest and farthest the client has come to their current body composition goal?
  4. best/current performances – what are the heaviest weights the client has ever lifted (on major exercises)?
  5. recent/typical training split – how is the client’s current/recent weight training program structured (if any)?
  6. notes – any other body composition related comments


  1. training at ? – what gym is the client going to conduct their Recomposer workouts?
  2. current gym – if the client is currently at a different gym, what is it?
  3. equipment limitations – any missing gym equipment pieces or capacity limitations
  4. liftstyle/time limitations – any lifestyle or time constraints to consider when designing a training program
  5. notes on training program to prescribe – other comments about the program
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