activating and deactivating client accounts

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Recomposer Client Accounts must be ‘activated’ to access the diet and training pages.

Coaches can activate and deactivate Client Accounts by going to the Client’s ‘Client Info’ page (when logged into your Company/Coach account) and pressing the ‘activate/deactivate’ button in the top-middle of the page.

initial activation

The initial actiation of each Client account occurs after saving a Strength Test (on the ‘body’ page), and accepting to pay charges. Charges for using Recomposer are calculated for each day that each Client Account is ‘active’.


impact on account access

A Client Account must be active in order to view and edit the Client’s Diet and Training pages, and for the Client to be able to login to Recomposer.

Deactivating Client Accounts disables all access to the Clients Diet and Training pages, and disables the Client’s login altogether.


impact on invoices

When a Client Account is activated, Recomposer adds the daily charge to your next invoice. Charges are calculated for every day upon which each Client Account is Active.

Deactivating a Client Account stops any further charges being accrued, starting from the next day.

Deactivated Client Accounts incur no charges at all, and all Client data remains saved. The ‘body’ page, and ‘progress’ table can still be viewed, and new body composition tests can be added;. Deactivated Clients can be reactivated at any time, with full access to all the historical data.

Activating and deactivating a client on the same day will still be charged (for the day)
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