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Client accounts have permission to view and edit certain data in their account, but not others. Company/Coach users can change some of their Client’s ‘permissions’ to either give the Client more control over their account, or less.

default permissions

By default, Clients do not have permission to:

  1. change Exercises in their programs or
  2. edit their PB’s (to change the Weights suggested on each Set).

However, by default, Clients do have permission to:

  1. view their Diet History and
  2. view their past Training Programs.

changing permissions

Near the bottom of the Client’s ‘Client Info’ page are the 4 editable permissions with checkboxes next to each.

Simply select the checkbox to grant/revoke the labelled permission. A ‘tick’ means the permission is set.

change exercises

This gives the Client permission to change the exercises in their Training Program.

change pbs

This gives the Client permission to edit the PB value of each exercise, thereby adjusting the suggested Weights on all of the Sets of that Exercise.

hide diet history

This prevents the Client from being able to view their previous diets. This might be desirable with Clients who keep changing back to old diets without reason, or giving their old diets to their friends.

hide workout history

This prevents the Client from being able to navigate back through their old training programs. This might be desirable to prevent Clients reusing their old programs after they finish paying for the programming service, thereby ‘stealing’ Recomposer access.

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